Farsight Security, Inc.
April 7 2014: Farsight Security wishes to congratulate Dr. Paul Vixie, Farsight CEO, on being named to the Internet Hall of Fame, class of 2014.


Farsight Security's observability solutions deliver a data superiority advantage allowing our clients to dramatically improve their risk profile and more often prevail in the ever more hostile environment of the modern Internet.

Safely operating in global cyberspace requires ever increasing levels of situational awareness and counterparty assessment. Farsight Security provides the richest, most advanced sources of telemetry including threat intelligence and Passive DNS data. This allows our clients to observe and calibrate normal Internet activity levels, and to contrast attack-related patterns in the context of the evolving configuration of the global Internet.

Akin to satellite photography in modern kinetic warfare, our flagship Passive DNS data provides our clients with the ability to analyze any opponent's network and domain configuration information, giving precise order of battle and resource movement information. Mapped to our clients' risk management policies, this data can be used to categorize threats, amplify threat feeds, and generate firewall and IDS rules.