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Real-time Contextual Information to Increase the Value of Your Threat Data

Solutions for CISO

CISO / Security Management

Reduce the risk of cyber threats

Solutions for Security operations

Security Operations

Accelerate incident research and post-breach analysis

Solutions for Threat Intelligence Teams

Threat Intelligence Teams

Stop data breaches before they happen

Solutions for Incident Response

Incident Response

Respond within hours, not days

Solutions for IT


Protect your network and brand

The Most Trusted Brands Choose Us

Threat Connect

How ThreatConnect® leverages DNSDB to Track Down the Grizzly (Steppe).


Cerber Ransomware Investigation using Farsight's DNSDB®


Farsight Security DNS Intelligence Delivers Unmatched Visibility to Improve Threat Detection and Proactively Defend Against Cyberattacks.


LuJam Leverages Farsight Security’s Newly Observed Domains (NOD) Solution to Address Zero-Day Attacks.

DNS is in our DNA™

Leader in Real-time Passive DNS Solutions for Threat Intelligence Context and Cybercrime Forensics Data


DNS data collected daily


Billion DNS Records




Real-time streaming data

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