New Farsight White Paper Available For Download: Building a Demo GUI Front End for DNSDB API In Scala

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Many of Farsight's DNSDB customers access DNSDB via either our command line interface demo programs or via our web interface.

However, because DNSDB uses a RESTful API, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to access DNSDB from virtually any programming language.

As demonstration of this, we recently built a sample GUI interface to access the DNSDB API using the Scala programming language and documented the entire process from start to finish. A sample of the finished product is shown below:

DNSDB API Demo Client in Scala

Please download the complete whitepaper, "Building a Demo GUI Front End for DNSDB API In Scala with Swing for The Mac and for Windows PCs: A Farsight Security, Inc. Whitepaper", here.

The companion code to go with the article is available here.

– Joe St Sauver, Ph.D. is a Scientist with Farsight Security, Inc.

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