Passive DNS cyber security data solutions: Farsight Security

Real-time contextual information to increase the value of threat data for the enterprise, government and security industries.

Farsight Security provides the world’s largest real-time actionable threat intelligence on how the Internet is changing. Leveraging proprietary technology purpose-built to manage volumes of data and real-time analysis, Farsight observes over 200,000 DNS resolutions per second.

We provide security teams with the Internet’s view of an organization’s web presence and how it’s changing; whether it’s done intentionally, inadvertently, or maliciously.

Our vision

The availability of timely, relevant security-related data is the key to establishing tactical superiority in any cyber engagement.

The entire Farsight Security organization is uniquely focused on increasing the availability, variety, volume, quality, breadth, and relevance of the network telemetry data we deliver.

Our collective, coordinated efforts allow our customers to increase the variety and effectiveness of their network protections and countermeasures, which in many ways, thanks to the timeliness of our data, can now often be deployed before attacks are initiated against them.

Our history

Farsight Security, Inc. is led by Internet pioneer and DNS thought leader Dr. Paul Vixie and Dr. Paul Mockapetris, the inventor of DNS.

In 2013, the company acquired Passive DNS-related /assets from Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), including DNSDB, the largest, most robust Passive DNS database available in the industry today, and the Security Information Exchange (SIE). ISC founder Paul Vixie became Farsight's Chairman and CEO, and former ISC employees Eric Ziegast, Robert Edmonds, and Leo Bicknell formed the initial Farsight technology team. Both Dr. Vixie and Dr. Mockapetris are on our board of directors.

“Farsight’s SIE platform is the most complete real-time security telemetry of its kind.”