Senior Network Engineer

Senior Network Engineer

job id: 2015-1
posted: August 2015
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About Us

Farsight Security is a commercial enterprise exclusively focused on the development of leading edge security solutions for ISPs, network and system security solution providers, governments, and medium to large enterprise. Leveraging our superior telemetry data collection and processing capabilities, we provide our clients with cloud-based, real-time network observability and reporting subscription-oriented solutions.

Position Summary

Farsight Security is looking for a Senior Network Engineer with at least 5 years of experience. Our team supports a multisite 24/7 production environment, processing security-related data from our network of sensor operators.

An ideal candidate will have a background in operating network infrastructure in a lights-out production environment. Candidates should be familiar with all aspects of operation and maintenance, including but not limited to the installation, configuration, and upgrade of switch, router, and firewall gear.


Essential Skills

Preferred Skills

Candidates in the continental United States will be given preference. Minimal travel is required with trips several times a year to visit various colocation facilities. Candidates should be comfortable working in a colocation facility, including lifting hardware into and out of racks and working with basic hand tools.

Protect against cybercriminal activity in real-time.

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