Farsight Security IT Generalist

Farsight Security IT Generalist

job id: 2016-5
posted: June 2016
applications: email <careers@farsightsecurity.com>
principals only, no recruiters

Overview of the Role:

The Farsight business is increasingly reliant on technology. Your role as an IT Generalist is crucial to the innovation and integrations of technology that helps drive the ability of the organization to provide exceptional service to our customers. As an IT Generalist you will collaborate with all departments, and at times with outside companies. An IT Generalist is an experienced technologist who can address a broad range of needs spanning from configuration/usage assistance to programming and deployment of code to fill needs gaps and improve effectiveness. An IT Generalist should be adept at finding elegant solutions to a broad array of problems and needs across all departments. Your role is very important to the company’s success. The requirements and skills outlined below are not all inclusive of the role and responsibilities of your job.

Primary Responsibilities:

Qualifications and Requirements:

About Us:

Farsight offers an intellectually-stimulating company environment. You’ll be working with very highly skilled and experienced colleagues. Farsight also prides itself on doing the right thing in the right way. This position will be located in the United States, ideally in the San Mateo, CA office. However, Farsight has a highly distributed technical workforce with teammates located across the US, Canada and Europe. Farsight is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We welcome applications from members of under-represented groups, the disabled, and veterans of the Armed Forces.

To Apply:

Submit a resume, via email to Farsight Security at careers@farsightsecurity.com (principals only, no recruiters, please)

Our solutions are leveraged world-wide across multiple industry segments and verticals data to identify, prevent and take action to protect their organization’s critical assets, infrastructures and brands. In addition, government agencies and investigators utilize the data in their on-going investigations regarding cyber threats. Although Farsight operates in the threat intelligence marketplace, Farsight is not a threat intelligence provider, as such. Farsight provides contextual data that is used by security organizations to determine threats based on their own security algorithms.

Protect against cybercriminal activity in real-time.

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