Farsight Security — Quality Assurance / Release Engineer

Farsight Security — Quality Assurance / Release Engineer

job id: 2020-2
posted: April 2020
applications: email <careers@farsightsecurity.com>
principals only, no recruiters

Farsight Security provides the world’s largest real-time actionable threat intelligence information on how the Internet is changing, seeing more than 200,000 DNS-related observations per second. Leveraging proprietary technology that was purpose-built to manage the volume of data and real-time analyses, Farsight provides security teams with the Internet’s view of an organization’s web presence and how it is changing, whether those changes were made purposely, inadvertently, or maliciously. The world’s most security conscious organizations use Farsight for their real-time threat intelligence information.

Farsight is headquartered in San Mateo, California. The company was co-founded by Paul Vixie and DNS pioneer Paul Mockapetris. Both of whom have been inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame.

We are looking for a Quality Assurance / Release Engineer to add to our engineering team. This is a crucial role to drive growth and innovation of Farsight’s products and services. A Quality Assurance / Release Engineer is crucial to the innovation, and integrations of technology that helps drive the ability of the organization to provide exceptional service to our customers. 

As a Quality Assurance / Release Engineer, you will work with Developers early in the lifecycle of new projects to establish a test-plan that will evolve with the project all the way to production and into the sustain phase. Quality Assurance / Release Engineers will build and manage an appropriate Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment environment for each project all the way to OS level package generation. We will look to Quality Assurance / Release Engineering to develop and maintain a full-featured staging environment both for internal and released projects and work with TechOps to stage and deploy new releases as they reach acceptance.

Your role is very important to the company’s success. The requirements and skills outline below are not all inclusive of the role and responsibilities of your job.


  • Collaborate with Developers and TechOps to promote a smooth process from idea to production
  • Identify, raise awareness and develop solutions for known or perceived gaps in technologies or systems
  • Keeping current with new tools and technology
  • Ensure that Farsight only produces the highest quality product by creating detailed test plans that exercise the entire product
  • Experience working building configurations in with configuration management tools (salt preferred)
  • Extensive experience in a running and management of a Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment environment, (Jenkins preferred)


  • 3+ years experience in information technology
  • BS in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or Information Technology or equivalent experience
  • Excellent communication, presentation, verbal and written skills
  • The ability to develop creative test-cases that challenge software in ways that the developers didn’t envision.
  • Ability to read code and build projects in at least two of the following languages: [C Python Golang]
  • A working familiarity with one or more of the following tools: Cython, shell, m4, perl, ruby, php, C++, Erlang, asciidoc, docbook, doxygen, markdown
  • Experience building packages in at least two Linux or BSD platforms: Debian, RedHat, FreeBSD etc
  • Present status as an open source committer on one or more major OS distributions a plus.
  • Familiarity with and adherence to security best practices
  • Self-starter with high levels of initiative, commitment and energy
  • Ability to prioritize multiple tasks and organize work to meet deadlines.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Experience working with a distributed team and collaborating with co-workers in different time zones
  • Demonstrate good attention to detail, good judgment showing logical decision making

About Us:

  • Farsight offers an intellectually stimulating company environment. You’ll be working with very highly skilled and experienced colleagues. Farsight also prides itself on doing the right thing in the right way.
  • Farsight has a highly distributed technical workforce with teammates located across the US, and Europe.

To Apply:

Submit a resume, via email to Farsight Security at careers@farsightsecurity.com (principals only, no recruiters, please)