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Farsight Security: leaders in Internet cyber security data

The global thought leaders in Domain Name System (DNS) technology and Internet security have come together to lead this unique venture. From the inventor of DNS to the custodian of BIND and the "F" root name server for two decades, our leadership is uniquely positioned to bring to market the most innovative solutions based on the use of distributed Internet system data and derivative insights.

Board of Directors

Dr. Paul Mockapetris portrait

Dr. Paul Mockapetris


Management Team

Ben April portrait

Ben April


Karen Burke portrait

Karen Burke

Dir/Corp. Comm.

Ron Burns portrait

Ron Burns

Sr. Director/Strategic Accounts

Paull Dinerman portrait

Paull Dinerman

VP/Global Sales

Gil Gilliam portrait

Gil Gilliam

VP/Customer Success

Ken Hansen portrait

Ken Hansen

Sr. Dir/ Business Development

Peter Popovich portrait

Peter Popovich


Alexa Raad portrait

Alexa Raad


Harold Shelton portrait

Harold Shelton


Daniel Schwalbe portrait

Daniel Schwalbe


Emanuel Younanzadeh portrait

Emanuel Younanzadeh


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