RSA Conference 2019: Why DNS-Based Attacks Remain Top Security Concern for CISOs



Last year at the RSA Conference, DNS took center stage when "Early Detections of Malicious Activity – How Well Do You Know Your DNS?" presented by Merike Kaeo, former Farsight Security CTO, was named a Hot Session and RSA Conference 2018 Highlight by the conference.

One year later, as we prepare to head to RSA Conference next month, DNS has never been more important to CISOs, security and IT professionals.

DNS-based attacks have skyrocketed, from the recent DNS hijacking campaign uncovered by FireEye®, nation-state phishing attacks, and DDoS attacks, to high-stakes fraud due to thousands of infringing domains used to sell counterfeit and pirated goods online. Over the past year, Farsight Security has released new research to advance the detection and mitigation of these attacks, including “Global Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) Homograph Report, Q2 2018.” IDNs are often abused by cybercriminals to conduct malicious activities, such as phishing or malware distribution.

In addition to innovative research, Farsight introduced new ways for its customers to access its flagship solution, DNSDB®, the world’s largest passive DNS historical database. Farsight DNSDB is now bundled with Maltego XL, Classic and Community Edition. Farsight also debuted DNSDB Scout, a new graphical interface for querying DNSDB for both Google Chrome Extension™ and Mozilla Firefox. In addition, we unveiled Enterprise Block Query, which delivers our DNSDB API with more flexible block quota and enterprise account management features. It is designed to accommodate intermittent and bursting usage patterns typical for investigations.

Our TIP, SOAR, SIEM and other strategic partners also continued to play an important role for our customers to access our data - - and will continue to do so in 2019 and beyond. Last year, CRN named Farsight to its 2018 Emerging Vendors List in the security category.

Looking across the crowded RSA Conference expo floor, you will find just a few companies that offer DNS Intelligence solutions.Today Farsight Security passive DNS data is considered the industry gold standard and has played a key role in advancing cyber investigations, both high-profile and cloaked, protecting brands and preventing cyberattacks from zero-days. Stop by our booth #3343 at RSA to learn how our data can help your organization both prevent and detect cyberattacks. We will be demonstrating DNSDB using Maltego, Chrome and Firefox, as well as will showcase our Newly Observed Domains (NOD) tool.

To setup a meeting with us at the show, visit here.

Karen Burke is the Director of Corporate Communications with Farsight Security, Inc.