Revving Up RSA Conference 2020 with Farsight's Real-Time Innovations



In January 1999, when I attended my first RSA Conference, the encryption debate was the big story, only soon to be eclipsed by other breaking security news including the Melissa virus and, later in the summer, Back Orifice.

While the news and attack vectors may have changed over the years, the "why" – why we work in this industry has not. In 2014, Farsight Security CEO Dr. Paul Vixie wrote,"I knew in 2012 that I had to leave ISC to pursue Internet security as a singular passion, and that my next company would be focused on making the world safer." It is this passion that drives Farsight's innovation and commitment to developing both real-time and historical DNS intelligence solutions that help make our customers – and the Internet at large – safer from today's ever-changing cyberattacks.

Today Farsight Security returns with another industry first when it comes to delivering valuable real-time DNS intelligence data. After launching the industry's first real-time Newly Observed Domains data feed in 2014, Farsight has announced two new enhancements to its flagship Security Information Exchange (SIE) real-time data-sharing platform. These innovations, which will debut at our RSA Conference booth #3338 Moscone South Hall, include:

  • Newly Active Domains: The industry’s first real-time DNS Intelligence data feed that reports domains as they resume activity on the Internet after a period of inactivity (10 days or more). This data is very useful to detect, block, and investigate domains used by threat actors who first acquire new or reuse expired domains, then establish a positive reputation for these domains for a period of time before using them for malicious activity.

  • SIE Batch: A new easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate delivery method to access data from our powerful, proven real-time solutions – available via both API and a Web interface – including Newly Observed Domains, DNS Changes and the newly added, Newly Active Domains, as well as high-value third-party data feeds including Darknet, Spam, Phishing URLS and DDoS Events, all available via the company’s flagship Security Information Exchange platform.

In addition to our technical announcements, we also announced that Dr. Vixie will deliver a timely, powerful presentation entitled Consent, Alignment and Cooperation in the Internet Era directly after the event's opening keynotes on Tuesday February 25th at 11 AM in Moscone West.

Our announcements help bring to life this year's theme for RSA Conference, the Human Element and advance the greater security of all users:

"We are the Human Element within cybersecurity. That’s what joins us together. For some of us, it’s a higher calling that brought us to this profession. For others, it’s a gradual realization that the actions we take can affect every aspect of humanity. We’re the ones on the front lines, protecting not just data, but our most vulnerable people and every aspect of our lives—from election hacking to the weaponization of social media. We’re the ones making the hard decisions about privacy…ethics…usability…responsibility."

The DNS is the ground truth of the Internet – it does not lie. As a result, it has become the essential, proven tool in uncovering the truth and advancing investigations into sophisticated, cloaked threats, whether it be disinformation campaigns and APT attacks to evergreen phishing scams and more. By designing its DNS solutions with privacy in mind, Farsight remains committed to delivering the best DNS Intelligence solutions that will keep the Internet safer. Please be sure to stop by our booth to learn more about our latest technical advancements.

Karen Burke is the Director of Corporate Communications for Farsight Security, Inc.