Introducing DNSDB Community Edition: Why Internet History Matters in DFIR



We have had a very positive response from the security community since we announced our plans to introduce DNSDB® Community Edition at the RSA® Conference 2019. DNSDB® Community Edition is a free, entry-level version of our flagship solution, DNSDB, the world's largest historical passive DNS database.

The product will be available March 29th, 2019. Users are invited to signup early to demonstrate interest in obtaining an account.

Passive DNS increasingly has proven useful in helping threat hunters, incident responders and other security professionals gain new intelligence during an investigation. Starting with a single suspicious domain name or IP address, you can use DNSDB to discover related DNS-assets – shared IP addresses, nameservers, and more. By uncovering this shared infrastructure, organizations can gain more valuable insight into the attackers, their motives and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs).

The best way to discover the true value of Passive DNS is to try it. Our data – considered the gold-standard in the industry – is used daily by Fortune 500 organizations. If you are new to Passive DNS, we invite you to signup for an account and use it with DNSDB Scout via Google Chrome Extension and Mozilla Firefox.

For more information on DNSDB® Community Edition and how it compares with our full enterprise DNSDB solution, please visit the Farsight Security Booth (Moscone South #3343) during RSA® Conference from March 4-8, 2019 in San Francisco.

Karen Burke is the Director of Corporate Communications with Farsight Security, Inc..