Introducing DNSDBFront for Real-Time Investigations



New on Farsight Labs is DNSDBFront, a proxy that produces JSON output from DNSDB 2.0 queries. We created this to simplify application development for users who prefer to decode a single JSON object and do not need the DNSDB API 2.0 streaming and error reporting features. This also allows you more flexibility in integrating DNSDB with certain platforms that only support the unmarshaling, and not parsing, of input data.

The proxy converts the Farsight Streaming API Framework protocol into a JSON array that you can parse and use directly within your application. The parameters to this new API are identical to those of DNSDB API 2.0, with the only difference being an Accept: application/json header.

We have also published an OpenAPI 3.0 specification which enables you to automatically generate clients for DNSDB 2.0. You can read the API documentation and run queries on Swagger Hub.

This service works with use any DNSDB API key that work on the default DNSDB API server,, and queries will be debited as per usual. We strongly recommend the use of HTTP/2 clients with this service, and that clients check the value of the Success trailer to verify that all data was received successfully.

Please try out the service and let us know what you think about it.

Henry Stern is a Senior Solutions Architect for Farsight Security, Inc..