Farsight's Advanced Exchange Access: 1.2.0 Release Notes




This article discusses the new features in Farsight's latest release of the Advanced Exchange Access (AXA) toolkit, version 1.2.0.

For background on Farsight Security's Security Information Exchange (SIE) and AXA itself, it is recommended that you be comfortable with the material in the following Farsight Security Blog articles:

Bug Fixes and New Features

The following new features and bug fixes are available in AXA 1.2.0 which is available here and here.

  • Add command status: Added a status command to retrieve current connection details. Example:
    sra> connect tls:mschiffm@sra.sie-remote.net,1021
    * HELLO srad version 1.1.1 mschiffm AXA protocol 1
    sra> status
    connected to "srad version 1.1.1 mschiffm AXA protocol 1"
        connected for: 3 seconds 
        TLSv1/SSLv3 ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384  zlib compression
        0 packets remaining to print of 0 total
  • Add support for new channels: In 1.2.0 we added support for DNS Errors and NXD Channels via etc/fields.

  • Add pidfile support for sratunnel: We added an option to sratunnel to allow the user to specify a pidfile. This allows for easy management of daemonized sratunnel processes.

  • Updated help: The help has been updated to be a bit clearer and easier to read.

  • Fix print_sie_newdomain(): There was a NULL pointer dereference that resulted in a crash. The bug was triggered when a pathological newdomain SOA message was printed in "non-verbose" mode.

  • Fix axa_str_to_cidr(): Patched to remove a false negative error condition.

  • Fix axa_get_token(), axa_vlog_msg(), dns_to_key(), trie_free()
    Multiple corner-case bugs fixed.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Mike Schiffman is a Packet Esotericist for Farsight Security, Inc.