Blazing a New Path for Defenders at Black Hat USA



This week Farsight Security will be among hundreds of vendors exhibiting at Black Hat USA. We are not your typical security company – we don’t chase threats. Yet our customers do – everyday – using our real-time and historical DNS intelligence solutions.

In an interview with BankInfoSecurity in 2017, Internet Pioneer Farsight Security CEO Dr. Paul Vixie explained, “Customers who want to be told where the dangerous parts are on the Internet, we can’t help them. If they want to find them on their own, we are their best hope.”

At Farsight Security, we take in and process hundreds of thousands of observations of the changing Internet, per second. Our company was founded on our belief that good defense starts with good situational awareness. Using our proven solutions, organizations can see what is changing on the Internet that directly affects their network, their brand, their security.

Our fellow cybersecurity companies harness our real-time Internet visibility to enrich their IoCs, reputation feeds and other threat indicators. Fortune 100, 500 and 1000 organizations, with their own in-house threat intelligence and SOC teams, use our passive DNS data to detect and respond to a wide range of attacks, from e-crime to targeted, persistent nation-state intrusions. Law enforcement and large government agencies use our technologies to also identify malicious infrastructure and chase down threats and gain new insights on potential bad actors.

Our passive DNS data remains the leading industry standard for a variety of reasons including:

  • Broad topological coverage
  • Low latency
  • High performance
  • History (DNSDB goes back to 2010)
  • Data Fidelity

Visit us at booth #1303 to see demos of both our real-time and historical Passive DNS solutions and learn more about how we can enable your organization to become better defenders. You can also learn more about our recently released new search capabilities for DNSDB, the world’s largest historical passive DNS database.

Farsight also recently published a new eBook, “Using Farsight Passive DNS For Incident Response” which illustrates how our tools can be used throughout all four phases of the NIST incident response lifecycle.

The Farsight team is looking forward to great discussions this week in Las Vegas! See you there!

Karen Burke is the Director of Corporate Communications for Farsight Security, Inc.