New Farsight White Paper Available For Download: Building a Demo GUI Front End for DNSDB API In Scala



Many of Farsight's DNSDB customers access DNSDB via either our command line interface demo programs or via our web interface.

However, because DNSDB uses a RESTful API, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to access DNSDB from virtually any programming language.

As demonstration of this, we recently built a sample GUI interface to access the DNSDB API using the Scala programming language and documented the entire process from start to finish. A sample of the finished product is shown below:

DNSDB API Demo Client in Scala

Please download the complete whitepaper, "Building a Demo GUI Front End for DNSDB API In Scala with Swing for The Mac and for Windows PCs: A Farsight Security, Inc. Whitepaper", here.

The companion code to go with the article is available here.

– Joe St Sauver, Ph.D. is a Scientist with Farsight Security, Inc.