Farsight Security Debuts Grant Program for Investigative Reporters



Today Farsight Security announced a new grant program to provide free access to DNSDB®, the world’s largest passive DNS database, to investigative reporters.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the infrastructure of the Internet. As a result, every action online leaves behind a digital trail of DNS assets. Starting with a suspicious IP address or domain name, leading news organizations use DNSDB® to uncover and confirm previously hidden or known information for stories about disinformation campaigns, fraud, election security, and other breaking news.

“This DNS tool is astounding. It’s a powerful tool that’ll help me keep people accountable.” – Investigative Reporter, National Broadcast Network.

Internet pioneer and Farsight Security CEO Dr. Paul Vixie will conduct a hands-on training class entitled, “Finding the story: Using DNS Search for Investigative Journalism” at the 2019 Computer-Assisted Reporting Conference (CAR) Conference, an annual conference devoted to data journalism that will take place in Newport Beach, California, March 7th – 10th, 2019.

To honor its commitment to making the Internet safer for all users, Farsight Security has always offered grants for DNSDB® and other DNS Intelligence solutions to vetted researchers, law enforcement, and other non-profits. As part of its new Journalism Grants program, Farsight will offer qualified investigative reporters free access to Farsight DNSDB®. Among the grant requirements, reporters must:

  • Work for a major print, broadcast or online news organization
  • Work as an investigative reporter, editor or data journalist
  • Attend a two-hour media workshop DNSDB® training course

For more details on the program and to apply for a grant to use DNSDB® , visit here. The program is available now and is free for qualified journalists.

Karen Burke is the Director of Corporate Communications with Farsight Security, Inc.