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Become a member of a new global collaboration community for digital defenders.

Farsight Labs

The benefits of industry collaboration to solve complex problems has a long, successful history in the technology field. Farsight Labs is a vital outreach programme, offered by Farsight Security, Inc., to the world’s digital defenders including individual contributors from academic, law enforcement, non-profit, for-profit, or private backgrounds.

When you become a Farsight Labs member, you will have free access to select industry-leading DNS Intelligence tools as well as early access to unreleased or prototype tools. Participants can then try out these tools in their own environments. In addition to tools, you will automatically become a member of Farsight Labs Community Forum, where members can learn about and discuss topics related to DNS Intelligence and other timely cybersecurity topics.

In addition, Farsight Labs members will receive information about the latest Farsight Labs activities, special "members-only" Labs content as well as receive Farsight Security’s monthly company newsletter.

There is no fee for participation, no contract to sign, and no service level guarantee. Interested? You can signup for Farsight Labs here: