DNSDB Anniversary

DNSDB® Delivers the Security Difference for Global Organizations

With more than 100 billion DNS records, DNSDB plays a significant role in helping to detect and mitigate global cyberattacks.

Farsight DNSDB, the industry standard for historical passive DNS, is used by threat hunting and incident response teams of today’s leading government agencies, Fortune 500 corporations including financial, healthcare and manufacturing institutions, top technology firms, including leading cybersecurity companies as well as universities and other non-profits.

DNSDB 10th Anniversary Promotion

To mark the 10th anniversary of DNSDB, we’re offering a year-long promotion for both current and new customers.

New DNSDB Customers

Every new DNSDB customer will receive a free Enterprise Block Query (EBQ) for 10,000 queries

Current DNSDB Customers

All current DNSDB customers who renew their subscriptions on-time will receive a free EBQ for 10,000 queries

With no daily query limit, EBQ is designed to accommodate bursting usage patterns common for investigations and a must-have tool when data breaches strike.

Promotion runs June 29, 2020 - May 31, 2021

For more information on pricing on DNSDB and how the solution can benefit your organization, please contact


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DNSDB Enterprise and Community Edition users who want to learn more about DNSDB best practices as well as share use cases and how DNSDB benefits their work are invited to join our new virtual meetup group and attend upcoming events. Additional user activities will be announced throughout the year.

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