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Farsight Security’s DNSDB® is the world’s largest database of DNS resolution and change data. Started in 2010 and updated in real-time, DNSDB provides the most comprehensive history of domains and IP addresses worldwide.

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Select the Best Solution to Fit Your Needs

Key Features
Maximum Queries
Queries / Hour
Maximum Query Results
Results Date Range
Subscription Model

DNSDB Enterprise Edition

  • Gain full access to DNSDB via an API, API Enterprise Block Quota, or on-prem solution.
  • Key Features
    Standard Search
    Flexible Search
  • Maximum Queries
    30k to 5 million
  • Queries / Hour
  • Maximum Query Results
    1 million
  • Results Date Range
    1 minute to 10 years
  • Subscription Model
    Annual licenses

DNSDB Community edition

  • Get a free DNSDB API Key and use it in any of your preferred platform(s).
  • Key Features
    Standard Search
  • Maximum Queries
    500 queries/month
  • Queries / Hour
  • Maximum Query Results
  • Results Date Range
    24 hours to 90 days
  • Subscription Model
    Free with monthly renewal
Available tools

Grab Your DNSDB API Key and Dive Right In


DNSDB Scout®

DNSDB Scout is a GUI for the DNSDB API within the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.


Splunk App

Farsight DNSDB App for Splunk® risk mitigation & prevention.



Farsight DNSDB bundles with Maltego to enable faster investigations.

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