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Farsight Security is committed to improving the overall security of the Internet. We support law enforcement agents, academic researchers, and non-profit organizations worldwide with full or partial grants of our services. We believe these grants are vital to continue advancing cyber security globally.

Sensitivity of Our Data - Applicant Screening

In addition to its value in help investigative reporters advance their investigations, our services are used by security researchers and practitioners world- wide in threat attribution, legal investigations, threat intelligence analysis, and other highly sensitive applications. Therefore, we consider our content to be highly confidential. We carefully screen all prospective users of our services to ensure that their identity is verifiable and that their proposed uses of our services are legitimately aimed at improving the safety of the Internet.

Farsight Security Investigative Journalism Grant Program

A recent story published on Stanford University's website stated it can cost "newsrooms up to $300,000 and six months of a reporter’s time to do a deep dive into public interest issues like crime and corruption." High quality investigative journalism requires investment, including the right tools to help reporters get to the truth in their investigations.

Today investigative reporters are increasingly using Farsight DNSDB, the world’s largest passive DNS historical database, to advance their investigations. “This DNS tool is astounding. It's a powerful tool that'll help me keep people accountable.” – Investigative Reporter, National Broadcast. As a result, Farsight Security is offering investigative reporters an opportunity to qualify for Farsight Security Investigative Journalism Grant Program. The program provides eligible applicants free access to DNSDB.

Grant requirements include reporters should:

  • Work for a major print, broadcast or online news organization*
  • Work as an investigative reporter, editor or data journalist
  • Commit to a 2-hour media workshop DNSDB training course prior to using the tool
  • Sign a licensing agreement to only use the tool for investigative reporting only -- no additional use cases

*No more than 5 grants issued per news organization.

Farsight Security Research Grant Program

In order to qualify for a grant, there are specific criteria that you or your organization must meet to qualify. If you are being paid and/or your organization has paid employees, has fees and/or revenues associated with it, we are likely to require partial or full funding of your Farsight Security subscription. If your organization is pure voluntarism, you may qualify for a full grant.

Farsight Security needs to understand:

  • Who you are (legal name and physical address)
  • What kind of research you want to undertake, including a detailed proposal
  • Where you will be conducting your research
  • What kind of data and how many queries you believe you will need to answer your question

We also ask that you share the results of your research with us, once it’s complete. We may link it from our Research page.


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