5 Questions

Hakan Tanriverdi

5 Questions with Hakan Tanriverdi, Reporter for Bayerischer Rundfunk

Investigative reporter Hakan Tanriverdi discusses his investigation into a possible nation-state attack, the role of Farsight DNSDB, and the investigation’s biggest surprises.

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 Troels Oerting Jorgensen

5 Questions with Troels Oerting Jorgensen, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Centre for Cybersecurity, World Economic Forum

In this insightful interview, Troels discusses the common security challenges that global CISOs are facing due to the pandemic, the World Economic Forum Global Centre for Cybersecurity's goal to reduce the global attack surface, and why he decided to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

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Tom Byrnes

5 Questions with Tom Byrnes, CEO and Founder, ThreatSTOP

Tom discusses the main reason why he founded ThreatSTOP, the top three cybersecurity threats facing organizations today, how organizations can reduce the risk of cyberthreats associated with new domains, and much more.

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Allan Thomson

Allan Thomson, Chief Technology Officer, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

In this insightful interview, Allan Thomson, Chief Technology Officer, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions discusses the new joint whitepaper with Farsight on reducing third-party risk using Passive DNS, why the security industry needs to start thinking differently, and the limits of machine learning in creating effective threat intelligence.

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Gabriel Bassett

Gabe Bassett, Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report Co-Author

Gabe discusses his top three surprise findings in the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) report, the most common "starting points" for a data breach, the prevalence of organized crime, and more.

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Joep Gommers

Joep Gommers, Founder and CEO, EclecticIQ

In this insightful interview, EclecticIQ Founder and CEO Joep Gommers discusses the evolution of the threat landscape and what organizations can do to close the gap between compromise and detection.

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Dr. Paul Vixie

Dr. Paul Vixie, Chairman & CEO, Farsight Security, Inc. (2018)

Paul explains why forgery and impersonation remains a common attack method, the risks of outsourcing, and what he has learned from his Farsight staff that has made him a better CEO.

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Marc Berman

Marc Berman, California State Assembly member (D-Palo Alto)

Marc discusses whether the integrity of November midterm elections is at risk, the types of misinformation the new office will work to counter, and whether California will move to online voting.

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Kelly Jackson

Dark Reading Executive Editor Kelly Jackson Higgins

Kelly discusses her work at Dark Reading, including what security vendors can do to improve their work with her team and her favorite stories to write, as well as shares how many times she has seen Bruce Springsteen (hint: it's a lot!).

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Scott Keoseyan

Scott Keoseyan, Chief Technology Officer- Vigilant by Deloitte

Scott reflects on his path to a career in cybersecurity, why cyberattacks make international headlines, and what Fortune 500 boardrooms get right -- and wrong -- about managing risk.

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Adam Vincent

Adam Vincent, CEO, ThreatConnect

Adam reveals his first mentor in the security industry, the top security problems ThreatConnect is trying to solve, and what is needed to enable the real power of information sharing.

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Alexa Raad

Alexa Raad, Chief Operating Officer, Farsight Security

Alexa reflects how she first became interested in DNS, outlines the top factors driving passive DNS adoption, discusses whether more Internet governance is needed to curb DNS abuse and more in this riveting interview.

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Jonathan Couch

Jonathan Couch, Senior Vice President, Strategy, ThreatQuotient, Inc.

Jonathan reveals the greatest cyberthreat to organizations today, discusses when attribution "really" matters in threat hunting, why industry collaboration is key in the fight against cybercrime, and more.

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Levi Gundert

Levi Gundert, VP of Intelligence & Strategy, Recorded Future

Levi discusses how the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 led to his career in cybersecurity, the future of phishing, and essential tools for an in-house threat intelligence program.

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Ben April

Ben April, Director of Research

Ben reflects on the need for diversity in cybersecurity teams, his approach to security research, and top three security challenges enterprises face today.

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Daniel Schwalbe

Daniel Schwalbe, Deputy CISO

Daniel discusses the top 3 challenges for today's CISO, how CISOs can attract and retain experienced cybersecurity staff, and how Passive DNS can help organizations better respond to and protect against cyberattacks.

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Merike Käo

Merike Käo, CTO

Merike reflects on the significance of the cyberattack against Estonia, how organizations can protect against DDoS attacks, and the role of the international Internet community in reducing risk.

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Dr. Paul Vixie

Dr. Paul Vixie, Chairman & CEO, Farsight Security, Inc. (2015)

Paul defines and discusses Insider Threats and what most organizations get wrong in protecting against them.

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