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As world's leading provider of passive DNS solutions, Farsight Security delivers services to organizations, large and small. We cater to commercial for-profit organizations, governmental institutions, non-profit companies, academic researchers, law enforcement agents and agencies, and individual consultants passionate about improving the safety of the global Internet.

Ordering Services

To apply for access to Farsight Security's DNSDB®, SIE™, or NOD™ services, please complete the application by clicking “Proceed” below. Our due diligence process requires that you provide answers for all required fields in the application. Anonymous applications with missing names, phone numbers, using freemail accounts (e.g. gmail.com, yahoo.com, or the like) or role accounts (e.g. security_team@xyz.com) will be denied.

We must be able to positively establish your identity and projected use case, so your cooperation in completing this information will be greatly appreciated and expedite the approval process. Once your application is completed, Farsight Security will review and respond to your request within two business days. If you have any questions, please contact sales@farsightsecurity.com for more information.


Grant Requests

Farsight Security is committed to improving the overall security of the Internet. We support law enforcement agents, academic researchers, and non-profit organizations worldwide with full or partial grants of our services. We believe these grants are vital to continue advancing cyber security globally.

In order to qualify for a grant, there are specific criteria that you or your organization must meet to qualify. If you are being paid and/or your organization has paid employees, has fees and/or revenues associated with it, we are likely to require partial or full funding of your Farsight subscription. If your organization is pure voluntarism, you may qualify for a full grant.

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Sensitivity of our data - applicant screening

Our services are used by security researchers and practitioners world-wide in threat attribution, legal investigations, threat intelligence analysis, and other highly sensitive applications. Therefore, we consider our content to be highly confidential. We carefully screen all prospective users of our services to ensure that their identity is verifiable and that their proposed uses of our services are legitimately aimed at improving the safety of the Internet.