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Grizzly (Steppe) Case Study
Grizzly (Steppe) Case Study

How ThreatConnect® leverages DNSDB to Track Down the Grizzly (Steppe).

Deloitte & Touche LLP case study
Deloitte & Touche LLP Case Study

Cerber Ransomware Investigation using Farsight's DNSDB™

ThreatConnect case study
ThreatConnect, Inc. Case Study

ThreatConnect used Farsight Security's DNSDB™ to investigate Anthem breach-related activity.

Red Canary case study
Red Canary, Inc. Case Study

Red Canary uses Farsight Newly Observed Domain (NOD) to enrich and confirm their findings during an investigation.



Passive DNS for Threat Intelligence White Paper
Passive DNS for Threat Intelligence

Read how Passive DNS can transform threat feeds into Actionable, Relevant Threat Intelligence in Real-time.


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