Farsight DNS Data Solutions

Protect Your Cyber Assets

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Research, Detect and Protect Your Cyber Presence

Farsight Security provides the world’s most security conscious organizations with threat intelligence and incident threat detection, protecting their users and infrastructure. Farsight’s real-time contextual information increases the value of threat data for the enterprise, government and security industries.

Solutions by Role

Solutions for CISO

CISO / Security Management

Increase the power of existing security solutions by gaining COMPLETE visibility of real-time and historic DNS resolutions.

Solutions for Security operations

Security Operations

Stay one-step-ahead of cyber threats by exposing entire malicious infrastructures starting with one indicator of compromise (IOC).

Solutions for Threat Intelligence Teams

Threat Intelligence Teams

Effectively manage internet-based threats with real-time data that is critical to the detection and protection company cyber assets.

Solutions for IT

Network Operations / IT

Understand your true digital footprint: Find, inventory, and monitor your internet-facing assets–including the ones you don’t know about.

Solutions by Need

Incident Response

Real-time reporting for real-time response: Leverage critical real-time reporting tools that empower a rapid response to a variety of threats on both the brand and domain of an organization.

Threat Hunting

With a focus on being proactive rather than the more traditional security model of reacting to alerts, utilize contextual DNS intelligence to go from a starting indicator (such as a IP address or domain name) to other potentially related resources.

Brand Protection

From discovery of threats through remediation, access brand solutions that enhance your anti-fraud initiatives and protect your customers and reputation across all digital channels.

Fraud Prevention

Each year scam artists and identity thieves steal billions of dollars from unsuspecting consumers. Recognize how effective prevention and detection are crucial to reducing this loss.


Position accurate, comprehensive coverage against rapidly growing phishing threats to identify attempts directed at your organization, customers, and partners at scale.


Partner Integrations

Farsight Security partners with leading security platform providers to integrate our real-time global DNS solutions for cyber security researchers and practitioners.

Security Information Exchange

Stay ahead of nation-state cybercriminal activity by creating actionable alerts to determine which protections to put in-place.