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Farsight Security DNS data solutions: protect cyber assets

Research, Detect and Protect your cyber presence and brand.

Farsight Security provides rapid threat detection and response to rapidly identify and react to incursions of your internet presence and brand.
Real-time contextual information increases the value of threat data for the enterprise, government and security industries. Farsight provides the world’s most security conscious organizations with threat intelligence and incident threat detection, protecting users and their infrastructure.

Farsight Solutions

Threat Intelligence Team

Threat preparation through knowledge. Organizations are increasingly in need of management of internet based threats. Farsight Security provides data that is critical to the detection and protection company cyber assets.

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Incident Response Team

Real-time reporting for Real-time response. Farsight Security provides critical real-time reporting tools that empower a rapid response to a variety of threats on both the brand and domain of an organization.

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Security Information Exchange

Plan ahead and prevent attacks with highly scalable, data-sharing platform where data is collected, aggregated, processed and streamed in real-time.

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Research and Pursue. The Farsight Security DNSDB is a passive DNS historical database providing a unique, fact-based, multifaceted view of global Internet.

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