Security Operations

Security Operations Centers (SOC) must work smarter and faster than their adversaries. This includes reducing time spent on false positives which exhaust valuable resource time. As adversaries refine and evolve their attack methods, data must be collected and shared in real-time so that security teams can detect and respond to threats with equal speed.

Spend Time on What Really Matters

Accelerate Incident Research and Post-breach Analysis

Threat Intel more than a few minutes old allows cybercriminals to outmaneuver a security operations team's best defenses. Actionable, relevant threat intelligence in real time increases the value of an organization’s existing threat intelligence.

Identify Related Infrastructure

Cybercriminals quickly exploit Internet infrastructure to support their campaigns and avoid detection. Security teams need a virtual time machine capable of “turning back the clock” to view Internet infrastructure as it was at a certain point in time to see how adversaries have “rolled” through related domains, IP addresses and name servers to conceal their activity.

Uncover the Power of Integration

Incorporate threat intelligence data where you need it. Expand existing workflows to access the results you need, when and how you need them.

Our Product Suite for Security Operations



Farsight Security’s DNSDB® is a Passive DNS historical database that provides a unique, fact-based, multifaceted view of the configuration of the global Internet infrastructure.

DNS Changes

DNS Changes

DNS Changes channel provides real-time visibility into changes made to DNS.

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