Incident response team

The Security Challenge

Organizations from industry to government are experiencing increased threats within their cyber environments

The development of methods to deal with these threats has led to the formation of Incident Response Teams, groups focused on organizational protection: proficient at threat detection and increased readiness to respond to security incidents with an efficient and coordinated response.

Farsight Security provides critical real-time reporting tools that empower a rapid response to a variety of threats on both the brand and domain of an organization.

The Farsight Products for Incident Response Team

Brand Sentry

Brand Sentry enables an organization’s Incident Response and Brand Protection team to monitor its brands for unauthorized or uncharacteristic usage in real time.

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Domain Sentry

Domain Sentry monitors an organization’s domains and IP addresses in real-time to ensure appropriate usage. It enables to proactively prevent breaches to the domains and IP addresses under an organization’s stewardship.

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