Threat intelligence team

The Security Challenge

With all the state-of-the-art security...
Why are threats still getting onto your network?

Threat intelligence teams need to detect and stop threats before they impact business operations. Teams who manually collect data about emerging threats can’t react in time to mitigate the next attack.

Our solutions for Threat Intelligence Teams provide actionable real-time data from across the Internet focused on specific types of DNS-based threats. Consumed in common formats, our solutions enable proactive real-time blocking of bad actors and their networks before they attack.

The Farsight Products for Threat Intelligence Teams

Newly Observed Domains

NOD leverages Farsight’s real-time Passive DNS sensor array and cross-references that data with its industry-leading DNSDB® historical Passive DNS database.

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Newly Observed Hostnames

NOH leverages more than 2 TB of real-time Passive DNS data to detect hundreds of millions of hostnames per day.

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DNS Changes

DNS Changes channel provides real-time visibility into changes made to DNS.

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DNS Errors

The DNS Errors channel is a real-time feed of DNS query responses which have a valid or completely absent checksum and a non-zero response code.

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