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DNSDB Scout is a GUI for the DNSDB® API within the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Here is one more tool for your investigations toolbox. DNSDB Scout provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for DNSDB queries within the most popular web browsers. It is lightweight, easy to use and simple to install. Click the corresponding link to your browser and add this great tool to start your pivots. It supports all current and future features of the DNSDB API and can be used with any version including our Enterprise, Block Query, Trial API and Community Edition.

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Farsight DNSDB™ App for Splunk® risk mitigation & prevention

Improve the speed, accuracy and global view of your digital investigations for faster risk mitigation and prevention. DNSDB App for Splunk allows you to augment your organization's internal information with real-time Internet infrastructure information.

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Farsight DNSDB™ bundles with Maltego to enable faster investigations

Easily identify patterns and connections among these artifacts for faster, more accurate threat intelligence and response to today's threats. Maltego XL, Classic and Community Edition users all now have free access to the gold standard of passive DNS, Farsight DNSDB.

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DNSDB API Free Trial for Malteg