DNSDB Scout™ provides an HTML GUI on top of Farsight Security’s DNSDB™ API. Through Scout, you can facilitate investigations using passive DNS leveraging the Farsight DNSDB™

DNSDB™ Scout supports all the major features of the DNSDB™ API including:

  • Time fencing
  • Conversion of Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) to Punycode
  • Table sorting / pagination of results
  • View historical searches
  • Raw data structure (JSON) / Export results (CSV or JSON)
Get DNSDB Scout
Scout requires an active DNSDB™ API key.
If needed, you can acquire a free 30-day trial API key here


1. How do I export query results in DNSDB Scout?

After running a query, and while viewing the results table, there are two export options that are available that appear above the results table: CSV and JSON.
- To export the current table results as a CSV, click the green CSV button.
- To export the current table results as a JSON, click the purple JSON button.

2. How do I see queries I have already made?

The ‘Recent Queries’ tab shows a history – and results – of the queries you’ve made. Click any of the expandable entries for more details about the query.

3. If I re-run a query, does it count against my query quota?

Yes. Re-running a query asks the server to process a new query with the same parameters and return fresh results.

4. Can I use my query history instead of re-running queries?

Yes. However, query history is a local cache of your query data stored in your Web browser. Results may be stale if you’re referring back to them down the road.

5. Which Farsight APIs can I use with DNSDB Scout?

1. If you have an existing DNSDB API key, you can simply drop it into Scout and use it within that interface.
2. If you don’t have an DNSDB API key get a free 30day trial by clicking the link above.

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