Farsight DNSDB® App for Splunk® risk mitigation & prevention

Farsight DNSDB® App for Splunk® enables security analysts to improve the speed, accuracy and global view of their digital investigations for faster risk mitigation and prevention.

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System requirements

Splunk Enterprise system requirements apply.

With Farsight DNSDB App for Splunk, users can learn the history and associated infrastructure of a suspicious domain name or IP to gain critical contextual and situational awareness information for their existing event data. Users can add this capability to their existing workflow to auto generate the query and populate the contextual information for all IPs and domain names that all of their hosts have visited.

By augmenting organization's internal information with real-time Internet infrastructure information, security teams will have better visibility for the detection, identification and analysis of threats and adversary infrastructure and capabilities.

Free Trial and Availability

A free 15-day trial of Farsight DNSDB App for Splunk is now available. To order your free trial and learn more about this subscription service please contact Farsight Security at sales@farsightsecurity.com or call +1-650-489-7919.

The Farsight DNSDB App for Splunk is available now in Splunkbase at https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/3050