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API Portability: One Key, Many Doors

Farsight’s API Key portability program lets you unlock the power of DNS intelligence across dozens of SIEM, Orchestration, Automation and Threat Intelligence Platforms that already support Farsight's DNSDB RESTful API. Our DNSDB Trial is a no-delay, no-hassle opportunity to experience for yourself the impact the Industry's largest pDNS database can have on the velocity and completeness of your investigations.

  • Accelerate incident research and post-breach analysis.
  • Discover associations among threat actors and track and block their activity.
  • Perform fact-based risk assessment of domain names and IP addresses.
  • Uncover all domains using the same name server infrastructure used by a “known bad” domain.
  • Reveal the IPs an adversary is using to conceal malicious activity and avoid takedowns.
  • Conduct third-party audits of DNS configurations.

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