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Farsight's DNSDB improves the speed, accuracy and global view of your digital investigations for faster risk mitigation and prevention. If you are interested in a DNSDB API key, we invite you to contact sales@farsightsecurity.com.

Contextualize, correlate and transform all of your threat and network data to increase the value of your security operations.

  • API Key portability lets you unlock the power of DNS intelligence across dozens of SIEM, Orchestration, Automation and Threat Intelligence Platforms that already support Farsight's DNSDB RESTful API
  • Enrich Indicator of Compromise (IOC) domains and IPs to proactively hunt threats and expose entire adversarial infrastructure
  • Triage events and incidents with actions to remediate
  • Examine historical resolution lookups and perform time-based analysis
  • Utilize the capability to deploy near real-time defensive actions to threats

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