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Farsight's DNSDB improves the speed, accuracy and global view of your digital investigations for faster risk mitigation and prevention. Our DNSDB trial is a no-delay, no-hassle opportunity to experience for yourself the impact the industry's largest passive DNS database can have on the velocity and completeness of your investigations.

Contextualize, correlate and transform all of your threat and network data to increase the value of your security operations.

  • API Key portability lets you unlock the power of DNS intelligence across dozens of SIEM, Orchestration, Automation and Threat Intelligence Platforms that already support Farsight's DNSDB RESTful API
  • Enrich Indicator of Compromise (IOC) domains and IPs to proactively hunt threats and expose entire adversarial infrastructure
  • Triage events and incidents with actions to remediate
  • Examine historical resolution lookups and perform time-based analysis
  • Utilize the capability to deploy near real-time defensive actions to threats

What's included:

  • DNSDB API Key valid for up to 500 queries/month
  • Up to 25 queries/hour with 256 results per query
  • Queries may originate from up to 10 concurrent sessions in any combination of manually-initiated or machine-generated
  • Access to historical data observed between 1 and 90 days ago
  • 30-day renewal (with valid email confirmation)

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